Mukti Group embarked on its inaugural real estate development project in the Hooghly belt, marking a significant milestone for the region. This endeavor introduced the concept of multi- storied ownership apartments, pioneering a new era of modern living in the area such as Riddhi-Siddhi Apartments, Mukti Apartments. Following the success of this venture, the Group expanded its residential projects, establishing a strong presence in the Hooghly belt. We also established the first Cancer hospital along with rotary in the same district as a charitable cause.

Buoyed by their achievements, the Group extended its reach to Kolkata, a prominent city in Eastern India. One of the most prime projects, Mukti Chambers, was erected in the prestigious Dalhousie area, renowned for its commercial significance. Positioned as a landmark building in the central business district (CBD) of Kolkata, Mukti Chambers served as a testament to the Group's commitment to architectural excellence and innovation. Subsequently, the Group undertook multiple residential projects in the esteemed neighborhoods of South Kolkata, further solidifying its presence in the city.

Expanding our horizons, we diversified into the aviation industry with Mukti Airways, catering to the demand for seamless connectivity. In 1994, our group was granted a license to operate our own airline, marking a significant milestone in our organization's history. It remains a proposed project reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled services and enhancing transportation options for our valued customers.

Recognizing the potential for growth and diversification, the Group ventured into the entertainment and hospitality sectors. One of their notable endeavors was the development of Mukti World, an acclaimed project located in the esteemed Ballygunge area. Mukti World catered to the discerning clientele of South Kolkata, offering a myriad of amenities such as restaurants, lounges, banquets, a multiplex, and retail outlets. Distinguished by their meticulous attention to detail and managed directly by the Group, these establishments upheld the highest standards of service and quality.

In a bold move to elevate their presence, the Group seized the opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art five-star hotel in Ballygunge, becoming a franchisee of a renowned international hotel chain. This prestigious hotel not only added value to the area but also garnered international acclaim, earning numerous accolades for its exceptional standards and unparalleled hospitality.

Looking ahead, the Group has plans for township projects in the North 24 Parganas area of Kolkata and posh locality in Hyderabad and other regions of Telangana. Expanding beyond their current ventures, the Group has also invested in various projects in North India's emerging cities.