S S Rajmouli dream project: Mahabharata


According to sources, S.S Rajmouli the director of Baahubali is currently working on his dream project: Mahabharata! In an interview, S.S Rajmouli stated that he will not be coming up with another sequel to Baahubali, simply because there is no story to tell! According to the Baahubali director, he is looking forward to direct his dream project. He’s working on the cast of Mahabharata but hasn’t confirmedthe same. He’s mostly taking a break from working on movies at the moment!
S S Rajmouli is considering Amitabh Bachchan as one of the characters and has also confirmed that he is discussing the project with actor Aamir Khan as well!
Mahabharata has a budget of about 400 crores and the movie will be releasing in three languages- Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. It could take about 10 years to complete the greatestepic!
The movie Mahabharata is rumoured to be divided into 6 parts
Childhood of Kauravas and Pandavaas
Brothers in their youth, all about the internal politics and the ending of the movie will be Pandavas losing the game of dice
What happened during the exile period?
Kauravas plot to kill Pandavas and the return of the Pandavas
The Kurukshetra war (beginning)
18 days of Kurukshetra war

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